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President Trump Commutes Life Sentence Without Parole for Corvain Cooper for a Non-Violent Marijuana Offense

Corvain Cooper walking out of federal prison after receiving executive clemency. Photo by Loriel Alegrete.

Pollock, LA – January 21, 2021 – Black-owned cannabis brand, 40 Tons, is thrilled to announce that Corvain Cooper was released from federal prison last night, after having his sentence commuted early yesterday morning by President Trump.

Corvain was sentenced under the harsh three strikes law which resulted in his sentence of life without parole for a nonviolent marijuana offense. The father of two had been incarcerated since his arrest in 2013.

In 2020, the social-impact cannabis brand 40 Tons was launched as an homage to Corvain and to advocate for his freedom, as well as for all those languishing behind bars for unjust cannabis sentences while others freely profit from the same activity. 

40 Tons was instrumental in bringing awareness and momentum to Corvain’s plight. Today, that hard work has paid off with Corvain’s release after eight years of incarceration. 

The brand’s founder, Loriel Alegrete, was all too familiar with this injustice. Her husband Anthony also served time in federal prison for a nonviolent cannabis offense. 

Of starting the brand, Loriel says:

“We really wanted to use this brand not simply as a way to make a living, but to bring awareness to the plight of those still incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses. Corvain’s story is emblematic of the two disparate realities currently taking place in America, one where some are able to profit off this plant and the other where a marijuana-related offense can lead to a life sentence.

As a mother of three who has experienced having a partner incarcerated for cannabis, it was imperative that we do everything we can to get Corvain home to his daughters.” 

40 Tons is working closely with the California brand Evidence that grows and manufactures cannabis in a former prison. They are collaborating on a bag of gummies called COUCHLOCK being released next month. 

Dan Dalton, co-founder of Evidence Brand said, “As a father myself, seeing Corvain return home to his two daughters and family is incredible.  We are honored to work with 40 Tons and thankful for everyone who made this release possible” 

The brand will also be launching a merchandise line featuring Corvain, including official  “Justice is Served” t-shirts with all proceeds going to support his successful reentry.


Corvain Cooper and Anthony Alegrete. Photo by Loriel Alegrete.

While traveling to pick Corvain up from his release at the federal prison in Pollock, Louisiana, Anthony Alegrete commented, “The minute I heard his commutation might be granted, I booked a flight in the hopes he would be released. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for for so long, and I had to be there to take my boy home.”


Corvain Cooper and attorney Patrick Megaro. Photo by Loriel Alegrete.

Patrick Megaro, Corvain’s attorney who first began working to release him from incarceration in 2013 said in a statement: “Over the past 8 years, I have dedicated myself to Corvain Cooper’s freedom from the unjust and unusually cruel sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for selling marijuana under the Federal “Three Strikes” law. On behalf of my client and friend, Corvain Cooper, we would like to thank all of the people who have stood by us and supported us in our quest for justice. I want to also thank Corvain, whose personal strength and continuously positive attitude in the face of the worst adversity inspired me to continue on even when all seemed lost, and above all, believed in me.”

40 Tons extends a huge thank you to all of the advocates who worked hard on this case including the team at Last Prisoner Project, Alice Johnson, Brittany K. Barnett, Project Mission GreenCANDO ClemencyLife for PotNACDL, and all the organizations and people who contributed to his release. We are humbly grateful for this grant of mercy provided by President Trump and advisors Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

A GoFundMe page has been established to assist with Corvain’s reentry. To donate click here or via Cash App at $CorvainCooper.

About 40 TONS

40 Tons brand is a social impact Cannabis brand dedicated to freeing all cannabis prisoners especially our good friend Corvain Cooper who WAS serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a nonviolent Cannabis charge. 

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