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Life In Prison for a Plant?

Corvain Cooper is set to spend the rest of his life behind bars, but he is only one out of hundreds still in the system for non-violent cannabis offenses. They aren’t claiming innocence, and must still pay their debt to society, but no one should spend a lifetime in prison for cannabis.

We're fighting for Justice

These laws changed our lives forever. Now we’re changing the laws forever.

Restorative Justice

Victims, offenders and community members work together to repair the harm done by a crime.

Cannabis Legalization

We can no longer justify laws that make little economic, social, or moral sense.

Reduced Sentencing

All non-violent offenders must be released or retried for appropriate sentencing.


Programs and policies that help former prisoners build full and happy lives as they rejoin society.

Cannabis For Change

Getting High Helps

We can’t do this without you! We’re a social enterprise using the regulated cannabis industry to fight injustice for cannabis prisoners. Every 40Tons purchase is helping prisoners like Corvain Cooper fight their unjust sentences, engage in restorative justice, and find full, happy lives once they return home to their families.

Evidence Collaboration

Teaming up to make change

We’re joinging forces with awesome organizations like Evidence who are working towards the fair treatment of cannabis prisoners in our court system. Look for Evidence gummies with our collaboration sticker and help us break the chain!